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Just plug-in and monitor.
Your BG reading will reach our Diabetes experts instantly.

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Regular Monitoring with BeatO

Easy Monitoring of Diabetes

Diabetes Management just became easier with our handy Glucometer that connects to your smartphone and personalised Diabetes experts to proactively guide you.

Proactive Guidance & Education by BeatO

Diabetes Health Experts

Get expert guidance based on your blood sugar patterns from our team of certified Diabetes experts who proactively monitor and analyse your results.

Diabetes Health Expert by BeatO

Routine Diagnostics & Physical Exams

Along with an expert team committed to help you attain healthy BG levels, we also advise & help you with routine tests and physical exams with at home sample collection & counselling on reports & results.

Our Impact

HbA1c Reduced

BeatO approach has helped reduce mean HbA1c levels of our members from 8.0% to 6.9%

Early Detections

Our affordable Retinopathy screening at home has helped early detection & timely treatment in 15% of our members.

Cost Saving

Research shows 1% reduction in HbA1c results which leads to 20% saving in medical costs

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Top Healthcare Organisations At Your Service

BeatO App has partnered with leading healthcare service providers to ensure Diabetes never becomes life-threatening.

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Mobile Glucometer Package by BeatO

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